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Getting Back to Studio Practice

October in the studio is all about getting back into the practice of being a studio artist. This can feel a tad uncomfortable, but it is in the discomfort that surprises emerge in the work. It is in the practice of showing up in the studio, that the work begins to develop and take on a life of its own.

In preparing for Point Reyes Open Studios, I am painting lots of beautiful faces of people who believe that they can make a difference by putting themselves out on a taking a stand for what they believe is right. This is my "Dreamer" series.

Portrait of Freedom Rider from 1961 mugshot

This is a painting of one of the Freedom Riders from her 1961 mugshot. I see the Freedom Riders as examples of people who are willing to take action for change. These portraits serve as an icon or totem to remind us of the power we all have to make a difference and affect change.

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