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Nurture Nature, Nurture Peace

Tree Bird Sky Peace, Shelley Rugg, 2018, acrylic on wood box, detail view

So much to be learned in this life, if we are able and willing to be open to the learning.

Learning can feel hard. That is why so many of us are resistant to it. Yet with learning comes an expanded version of you. And that expanded version of you becomes ever more capable of the learning. And the growth is exponential.

One of the things I am enjoying learning about right now is my intuition, and how to notice and honor it. Recently, my intuition invited me to play around with images of tree branches and birds silhouetted against a sky.

Tree Bird Sky II, Shelley Rugg, 2018, acrylic on wood

It has been such a pleasure to get into action with this idea, and take it from thought into being. By the time I made the third of the series, I discovered ways to play with the background sky, and brought in more layers of color. As I work on my fourth, even more color is coming into play.

As I get drawn more deeply into trees and birds, I am awakening to the lessons that they are teaching me. I am witnessing the interplay between bird and tree. I am witnessing the relationship of the tree to the seasons, and metaphors begin to emerge around the cycles of life, growth and change, and interdependence.

What I also find is that nurturing a relationship with nature is nurturing a relationship with peace. When you take the time to sit with nature and observe, peace finds its way in, and a kind of remembering of who we are as a part of that nature.

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