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I Love to Draw and Paint People!

Detail of "Maya", charcoal drawing

Meet Maya. She is the first person to sit for me in my studio since I made the decision to shift my focus back to portraits of people. It was such a good feeling to have someone sitting in my studio, and to engage of the process of seeing while the sitter moves, and the light of the day changes.

I'm a sucker for a challenge, and drawing from life is one of my favorite challenges. Bringing paint into the mix adds a whole other layer of exciting challenge. Each work undertaken is like going on an adventure in uncharted territory, and it's so exciting to finish a piece and see where you have ended up.

I also love and respond to the energy that a real live person brings to the act of creating a portrait that you just don't get when working from a photo. And for the sitter, is the experience of being seen, often on a level that goes beyond the surface...that goes beyond appearances and reveals the secret interior world beneath.

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