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New Year, New Direction

Hummingbird Whispers Thank You to Donna Sheehan

As an artist who is determined to make a living by making art, I took a path that took me away from my true calling. I decided to hop into the Pet Portrait niche. I thought of the pet portraits more as making a product rather than as making "art". When I awakened to this realization, I immediately knew I needed to stop calling myself a pet portrait artist, and go back to "artist". Because the truth is, that although I draw and paint well, there is more to me than being a portrait artist. That said, moving into 2018, I am a portrait artist who paints people, and those people are folks who have made a difference in the world in some way. Such is the case in this portrait of West Marin local, Donna Sheehan. The title of this piece is, "Hummingbird Whispers Thank You to Donna Sheehan". Who has made a difference in your life?

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