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What Our Youth Must Awaken To

My painting, "I Survived: Zeitgeist of Youth", addresses what I see as the coming of age of young people, in which their eyes are opened to the reality of an un-just country. They discover that the consumerist bubble that they have been reared in is wholly corrupt, and that the power-holders in the country have no concern whatsoever about humanity or the health of the planet.

-may the shock of reality bring about much needed change-

It is my hope for humanity and the planet, that our young people today not only survive, but are the agents for change. By not engaging in the status quo, building new ways of creating community, doing business, and educating their kids, our millennials could lead us to being an America that cares. An America that includes. An America that is just. And more!

In this painting, Lily gazes out at the world with sad eyes, but a strength of purpose. She seems to know that if she survived, she can be a part of the solution. It's like breaking a cycle of abuse. It gets passed down from family member to family member, until someone wakes up and realizes that change is possible, and they will be the one to do it. Then the generations that follow get to reap the benefits of that break in the chain.

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