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Using Disappointment to Fuel Creativity

I certainly did my best to prepare for Open Studios. I created a beautiful series of paintings in a range of sizes/prices. I produced a few of my images as cards. I was ready to sell gift certificates and take commissions. I had gotten the word out and done my social media posts.

So when all I sold were 6 greeting cards, it is hard not to feel a certain degree of disappointment.

Mind you, I ALMOST got a commission. If it hadn't been for the logistics of dealing with folks just passing through from out of town, I'd be working on it now. But that one got away...for now.

What I DID get out of the experience were more names for my email list, lots of juicy comments about the work, and the learning that comes from doing. I am fired up and inspired to take what I have learned, and really build something even more wonderful for next time.

I hope that YOU are curious about what is to come...

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